UPSC And MPPSC Exam Dates 2019 Clash, Exam Date Classing 2019

By | January 26, 2019

Students who preparing of MPPSC and UPSC examination they have clash that MPPSC exam of prelims scheduled in December 2019 and UPSC main exam already scheduled start from December 2019.

UPSC And MPPSC Exam Dates 2019 Clash, Exam Date Classing 2019:

So students who preparing both exam they have problem to attend this examination. Such schedule is not good and avoided by MPPSC as soon and students should ensure that date of both exam not clash with other similar important exam.

UPSC And MPSC Exam Dates 2019 Clash

Students said that UPSC had released exam schedule long back so MPPSC should have considered it and after that they schedule their prelims exam date on other date so that students not have problem to attend both exam. All the students’ wants that MPPSC rescheduled their prelims exam date as soon as possible but not this date.

MPPSC secretary Mr. Manohar Dubay said if any exam date clash then we rescheduled these date and these exam scheduled will announce after taking all precautions. And we will announce exam schedule according students help. That should be not a problem Dubay said. We will provide another exam date of MPPSC pre exam all the students to notice other exam dates.

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