Which NCERT Textbooks to Refer for IAS Exam

By | January 23, 2019

For students preparing for IAS Exam, there are no better standard textbooks to refer than the NCERT ones.  These standard textbooks follow the UPSC board syllabus rigorously. The doubt that arises among students is whether they should refer all standard textbooks for all subjects. From our opinion, the answer would be a straight no, as one has to refer certain textbooks for certain subjects. There are certain subjects also for which there is no need to refer standard texts. To know which textbook to refer, it is advisable to follow the below-mentioned guidelines:


Textbooks for Indian Polity:

Unlike what students think, there is no need to refer NCERT texts as there are better textbooks available like Our Constitution authored by Subhash Kashyap that would fit the place of ideal study material for the subject. The book is quite simple with enough clarity on topics for students to grasp. However, for students who cannot refer any other texts other than the standard ones, they could go for the political science texts for class XI and XII. 

Textbooks for Indian History:

The ideal textbook to refer to this subject would be the 1990 history textbooks that followed the old syllabus. It would sound like a difficult task at hand but it is all the worth for your searches as the text covers all the important topics in detail.

For texts of Ancient India, the RS Sharma authored one would be the ideal text to cover the entire syllabus for Indian History.

To cover the syllabus for medieval India, the Satish Chandra authored Medieval India for class IX would be sufficient.

Bipin Chandra authored modern India for Class X of old syllabus pattern covers the topic in detail.

To complete the modern Indian History, also refer India’s struggle for Independence authored by Bipin Chandra. 

Textbooks for Geography:

For class XI and XII, there are four NCERT textbooks in total. Students are advised to refer them all. The below two books should be referred by students by all means:

Fundamentals of Physical Geography and India Physical Environment (Class XI)

Fundamentals of Human Geography and India – People and Economy (Class XII)

Textbooks for Indian Economy

Below are the textbooks that are referable for the subject:

Indian Economic Development (Class XI)

Introductory Microeconomics and Introductory Macroeconomics (Class XII)

Textbooks for Science

To cover the syllabus for this subject, it would be beneficial for you to refer the TMH GS manual as it covers the science section adequately. For students who prefer NCERT, they could read the class IX and X textbooks.

From the above discussion, we would like to suggest that students do not have to refer these texts religiously and have their discretion as per their tastes and preferences and use the above guidelines as a roadmap for planning their studies.

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